What is Intrachain?

Intrachain is the world's first process mining software with integrated blockchain.

Compatible with all IT infrastructures, Intrachain centralises and streamlines your intercompany accounting, reducing your costs and increasing productivity.


Meet the Founding Team

arne trans.png

Arne Reimann  CEO

Within the role of CEO at Intrachain, Arne is responsible for defining Intrachain’s vision, overall strategy and business development.

klaus t.png

Dr. Klaus Preisner  CFO

With many years of experience in a large corporation, Klaus is driving the implementation of Intrachain's solution apace as CFO.

mislav t.png

Mislav Boras  CTO

Mislav is business analyst, full stack JavaScript developer, focus-driven coder, blockchain evangelist, and CTO at Intrachain.


Niclas Preisner  CMO

Niclas takes on the role as CMO at Intrachian. He is a branding and time tracking expert, and sales specialist with extensive knowledge in marketing.


Meet the Core Team


Bastian Brodbeck
Core Developer


Leonid Astakhov
Core Blockchain Developer


Meet our Advisors

ugo tran.png

Ugo Bechis

ICO Advisor

seb tran.png

Sebastian Kollmannsberger

Head of PM

Henrique tran.png

Henrique Centieiro

Blockchain PM Zwoop

woj tran.png

Wojtek Misiewicz


joshua tran.png

Joshua Cornelius

Co-Founder Freeletics

firras tran.png

Firras Sabbah

Head of Digital Platforms  Allianz

peter tran.png

Peter Dodell

ManagerSiemens AG