Ugo Bechis, e-Payment & SEPA Advisor

Ugo is an e-payment & SEPA adviser specializing in the financial sector, especially for emerging and digital start-ups and financial institutions. He has forty years of proven track record in banking - thereby he went through various sectors: Securities Trading, Payments Services, Trading Online, Corporate and Retail Payments, Corporate and Trade Finance amongst others. Alongside his management responsibilities, Ugo has held various positions as chairman and board member during his career as Chairman of the Board of European Alliance of Payment Schemes, Member of Board of Directors of IWBank S.p.A., SIA S.p.A., KKCS S.p.A., Consorzio Bancomat, Community Member of the European Electronic Cybercrime Task Force and Chairman of Legal Support Group and Cards Groups of the European Payment Council.

His broad network has global reach – during his chairmanship of EPC bodies, he came into contact with the European Commission and the European Central Bank and presently is visiting lecturer at the Finance University under the government of Russian Federation. Ugo is at the very heart of the changing banking and financial industry and currently sits on the advisory board for various ICOs and successful blockchain projects.

Ugo will support IntraChain as a pioneering advisor with great dedication, ambition and profound experience in various areas of the financial sector, thus significantly advancing Intrachain's vision of revolutionizing reconciliation practices leading to a disruptive yet beneficial change in the financial sector.