Intrachain Private

Intrachain Private is a B2C software that tracks personal user behavior via the process mining engine and offers the possibility to store the data on the blockchain.

Access to the technical platform is made possible through the acquisition of a software key, the Intrachain Token. The token is deployed across the platform and enables the user to use the platform for a predefined time. The process mining engine can be used by the Intrachain Private user right after the purchase of the Intrachain Token.


  • No differentiation between significant and insignificant information

  • Rising complexity

  • Lack of overview

  • Lack of productivity

  • No transparent personal user data

  • Insufficient possibilities to analyse personal user behavior

How does it work?

A private user who spends most of his time on the computer and would not like to get a specific overview of his digital behavior in order to analyze it and work on his productivity. With the Intrachain software, he can accurately record his time spent, assign it to specific activities, better understand his behaviour and optimize it.

  1. Start of data processing

    The behavior of a user is tracked by the process mining engine. When the documenting process is finished, the Intrachain Server stores the information.

  2. Data storage and analysis

    The server prepares the data to be sent to the Ethereum blockchain where it is safely stored. The responsible user can use the UI of the Intrachain Server to view and analyze the data.