What is Intrachain?

The Intrachain platform combines a process mining tool with a decentralized database. This technical architecture allows for different use cases. Intrachain hereby focuses on the collection of IT traces on systems and the storage of tamper-proof data in the blockchain.

What is Intrachain Private?

Intrachain Private is a B2C time tracking software for collecting personal user behavior. With Intrachain Private, he can accurately record his time, assign it to specific activities, better understand his own behavior, and then optimize it.

What is Intrachain Business?

Intrachain Business is a software solution which large corporations use to measure and process inter company service incidents.

The amount of time every incident takes, gets tracked by the Intrachain process mining engine.

The measured time of each incident gets allocated to the right subsidiary company, receiving the service.

Smart contracts in the Intrachain blockchain then immediately process all required transactions at the same time.

Example: The corporate IT support (Headquarter) helps an employee of Subsidiary A with a problem. The Intrachain process mining engine tracked that solving the problem took 37 minutes. The Intrachain smart contract then immediately calculates the invoice, charges Subsidiary A and sends the invoice data to the accounting software of both the Headquarter and Subsidiary A.

What kind of problems does Intrachain Business solve?

Intrachain solves problems which especially occur in large corporations:

Lack of Data Quality - Intrachain enables companies to automatically track the duration of tasks being performed to solve a service incident to the minute. This information is then used to fairly allocate the costs to the right service recipient. Furthermore it enables management to make decisions based on accurate data.

Accounting Errors between Subsidiaries - The Intrachain blockchain is the data source for all inter company transactions, providing the exact same data to all connected accounting softwares.

Exchange Rate Differences - Intrachain smart contracts ensure the use of the right exchange rates at the right date and time.

Accounting Period Differences - Due to the Intrachain smart contracts' immediate processing, all problems which occur with different accounting periods are a thing of the past.

Can I mine Intrachain tokens?


Do you have a prototype?

Yes. The process mining engine prototype already works for OS X and is currently developed for Windows.

Is Intrachain an open source platform?

No. The intellectual property of Intrachain is not open source, to protect it from being used by other software companies.

Is Intrachain a public blockchain?

No. Intrachain is a private blockchain.

Is Intrachain a B2B or B2C platform?

Intrachain is usable for private and business purposes.