Arne Reimann, CEO

Within the role of CEO at Intrachain, Arne is responsible for defining Intrachain’s vision, overall strategy and business development. He is also the CEO and one of the founding partners of timeBro, an automatic time capturing system. His focus lays in testing management, launch preparation, sales pitches and investor communication.

Arne brings his in-depth background in IT advising during his time at KPMG and extensive experience in corporate development, process optimization and project management at Siemens to the founding table. He also holds a diploma in business administration with focus on information technology. His professional experience combined with his theoretical experience and his professional time abroad provides the ideal conditions for successfully managing an ICO project.

Arne has been actively involved in the crypto world since 2016. As a firm believer in a decentralized world, he founded Intrachain not only as an active contribution but due to his hands-on mind set also to implement his vision: a process mining software with integrated blockchain for transactions to overcome existing inefficiencies in large corporations.